Frequently Asked Questions


Depending on weather conditions please let us advise you where and when to go and help explain why. We want to offer you the best itinerary options and experience possible!

Koh Tao and Nangyuan Island offers by far the best snorkeling & diving spots.

Ang Thong National Marine Park offers the best variety with beautiful landscapes of 42 islands and has a fabulous seafood restaurant.


Koh Tao and Ang Thong National Marine Park are full day only trips (6-9 hours required)
Both destinations CANNOT be visited in one day due to the journey times detailed in the section below…


As an alternative, we often suggest a more economical half day trips for quality snorkeling at Koh Ma, north west Koh Phangan
or in the south of Samui to Koh Tan and Five Islands (3-5 hours required)


By Speedboat or Motor Yacht:

Koh Phangan (snorkeling spot – north west) – Approx 45 minutes

Koh Tan (snorkeling spot – south Koh Samui) – Approx 45 minutes

Ang Thong National Marine Park (snorkeling spot – north) – Approx 1 hour 15 minutes

Koh Tao (snorkeling spot – north west) – Approx 1 hour 35 minutes


Sailing Boat or Catamaran cruising at 4-8 knots takes 2x – 3x longer so better to stay closer to Koh Samui unless considering overnight tours.


As an independent agent we regularly inspect all boat, yachts, crews, service, safety equipment, insurance and licence and servicing documents and we carefully select the best for our guests. We have a excellent working relationship our partners and operators get you the best experience!


Please contact us for more information and questions!


Some helpful advice on motion sickness

Our Frequently Asked Questions: 

1.) What dates during your stay will you be available?

2.) What are your preferences for food & drinks?

3.) Does any guest have any allergy?

4.) What time would you like the trip to start and return?

5.) Where are you staying?

6.) Is it your first time to Koh Samui?

7.) We can chat about the most suitable boat for you in WhatsApp?

Please let us know if you have any special requests such as fresh coconuts or special food requests like oysters or other shellfish?


We DO NOT recommend the use of Mobile Phone weather apps.  They are not accurate.

Please check with us directly for detailed advice and to confirm your understanding of conditions.

We also rely on reports from captains, live webcams and official weather station reports at various different locations.

Shark Attacks in Thailand

There has NEVER been a recorded shark attack in Thailand waters.
The Tropical waters surrounding Samui are too warm for most sharks. The sharks that scuba divers are most likely to encounter in the open seas off the coast Thailand is the gray reef shark which grow up to 2 meters in length & the whale shark which grows to 12 – 18 meters in length, both of these sharks are harmless to humans. Scuba divers will often see baby sharks on shallow reefs at places like Shark Bay on Koh Tao island but they are also harmless to humans.

Jellyfish in Thailand

During the monsoon season there are BOX jellyfish in the Gulf Of Thailand.
It is seldom that we ever hear of anyone in Samui being stung by one.

IF YOU ARE unlucky to get stung by a BOX jellyfish …. as quick as possible you should apply mono floral honey (100% Pure honey) to the affected area to reduce swelling & neutralize the toxin.

For relief of PAIN from a BOX jellyfish sting … HOT water works well.. (the hotter the better), A HOT shower will instantly take away the pain.

Box Jellyfish stings can be VERY PAINFUL but is seldom fatal to humans.
Box Jellyfish are mostly found in Thailand waters during the months of August & September)

If you find yourself in need of some FAST relief from a jellyfish sting … FORGET Vinegar… HOT water gives instant relief from the pain, Pure Honey neutralizes the toxins of the sting.

Snakes in Thailand

There are Cobra snakes in Thailand but you are unlikely to see one unless you are at the Samui Cobra snake show! If you do come into close proximity to cobra snake while you are in Thailand, DON’T PANIC, stand perfectly still and ideally the snake will quickly retreat to a safe place.

Street dogs in Thailand

If you are confronted by an aggressive street dog in Thailand, pick up a stone & throw it in the direction of the dog. Shout “BYE” at the dog aggressively! (which means ‘Go’ in Thai) The dog only needs to see you bend down to pick up another stone and it will run…. the throwing a stone at the dog trick works EVERY time! As a last resort raising both arms high in the air  making yourself as ‘tall/big’ as possible will intimidate the dog to retreat.

Toads in Thailand

Toads LOVE to hide out in the darkness of your running shoes.  When you are in Thailand,
ALWAYS check your shoes before putting them on!

Humidity and Heat

Sweating too much can drain your body of energy. Lose more than 2% of water from your body and it will fatigue you quickly & slow your recovery.  Your body will give you plenty of warning that you’re sweating too much. Your sweat will start to taste very salty, it may start to sting when sweat gets in your eyes, muscle spasms will start to give you issues for 1 – 2 days, if you fail to balance your magnesium levels the muscle spasms will turn to muscle cramps.

Foods HIGH in Magnesium = Bananas, Green coconuts, Green Salads, Chia seeds, Green smoothies, Magnesium supplements.

Fresh Young Green Coconuts

Green coconuts are by far the most nutritional natural water source on the planet. Each green coconut gives approx 300 – 500 ml of highly nutritious water. Green coconut water is 100% NATURAL & full of amino acids, essential minerals, enzymes & electrolytes. It is the high electrolyte content in the coconut that gives it that slightly salty taste.

The water in the green coconut is so good for your body that during the Vietnam war the water was siphoned directly from the coconut to give emergency plasma transfusions to wounded soldiers.

Most people living in “COLD climate regions of the world “will rarely have the opportunity to drink fresh coconut water but if you are lucky enough to be coming to Thailand then 1 – 2 coconuts each day will give your body a HUGE energy boost.

The hot & humid weather in Thailand can quickly dehydrate you.  One HOUR in the TROPICAL HEAT or 2 hours having FUN @ the beach can leave you feeling tired & drained of energy. A drink of fresh green coconut water will restore of energy levels instantly.

GREEN coconuts are available FRESH every day in Samui and reputedly the best in Thailand!



During the wet season some of Samui beaches can be dangerous to swim at.

Please note: It is dangerous to swim in the water where you see the RED flag on the beach. When the red flag is seen, It is best to walk up the beach until you find the RED / YELLOW flags showing safe swimming zone patrolled by surf lifesavers.  When you see the red & yellow flag on the beach, this represents a safe swimming zone patrolled by surf lifesavers. ALWAYS swim between these flags.


We can assist you with booking taxis/transfers/private excursions and activities:

 Jetski Safari (3 hours)


Comprehensive Insurance

Thai Buffet Lunch
Water & Soft drinks
Snorkeling Equipment
English Speaking Guide


We provide Complimentary Comprehensive Insurance cover (usually 500 THB per person)

*Full guest details to be lodged 24 hours prior for policy cover*

We are also very happy to recommend THE BEST other island based activities:

Island Orientation Tour (5-6 hours) by VIP minivan and English Speaking Guide

with options such as

Private Elephant Trekking
(very ECO friendly and kind to animals)

Private Quad Biking

Full and Half day Temple Tours around the island

Restaurant Table Reservations

Visit Viewpoints


Shopping Trips

Maybe you are interested in a shared/joint trip?

Take two full day trips and visit both Ang Thong National Marine Park & Koh Tao!


100% refund if we cancel due to weather or technical issue
(If we are unable to amenably reschedule for you)

No refund if guest cancels within 48 hours

50% refund if guest cancels within 7 days of trip

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